About me

My name is Anna Evstratova. I’m independent Digital and CRM consultant.

I started my work in Digital in 2003 in WhiteSite agency and  since that time launched more than 50 projects for different companies.

Some of them are very famous :-)

I worked with Mars (Snickers), Nestle (Nescafe 3 in 1, Maggi, Rossia Schedraya Dusha, Nesquick, Purina), Microsoft, L’Oreal,(Maybelline), Braun, Mercedes Benz, Colors of Life, WFC (World Fashion Channel), Wimm Bill Dann, Velle, VTB, VTB24, and many others.

My Clients are from FMCG, banking, IT, network marketing,  real  estate, online booking, advertising and many other branches.

I sure you would be interesting in cooperation too. To understand my abilities please visit the Services page. To have more inform about me  please do not hesitate meet with my CV.

Have a nice day! :-)

P.S. Why Eaglis? Because my father’s name and my son surname translations are «Eagle»... That’s it!